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Preferred Medical Services

Revenue Cycle & Account Management Services


We care about our clients and your patients!

Electronic Claim Submission

Experienced medical billers like ours can successfully operate technologies available to them to get your claims paid and to reduce your claim denials. With every day changing insurance policies, it’s getting harder to collect insurance payments therefore, providers have a great incentive to utilize outsourced billing solutions.

We help your practice avoid the increasingly tiresome paperwork and filing of lengthy forms manually, speed up your payments, help you receive payments faster, improve your cash flow, and eliminate the costs of printing and mailing claim forms.

Preferred Medical Services has been serving the medical billing industry for over 15+ years and has the required experience to meet the needs of clients belonging to different medical backgrounds. We provide short turnaround times for daily processing and claims submissions.

Step 1: Collecting Receipts

The first step of our solution is to obtain an itemized bill from the healthcare provider listing all services provided by them to the patient along with the cost and relevant code of the treatment provided.

Step 2: Reviewing & Submitting Claim Form

After all the claim details are entered, our team will review all the forms to match what was coded by the servicing provider. We will thoroughly review the details and send claims back for any corrections if necessary. We also call up the insurance provider before sending the final form if there are additional documents that are needed or missing for filing. When all the details are complete and the required documents are attached, we submit the claim form to the insurance provider.

Outsourcing your services to us can help you with a series of benefits such as low costs and increased revenues. We follow the claim submission guidelines of the industry to ensure a smooth and hassle-free claim submission process.

Some of the key reasons for you to choose Preferred Medical Services to include

  • Affordable Pricing- We ensure that we deliver the best results at a highly affordable price while helping our clients to reduce their overall costs and increase their overall revenue.
  • Our team is trained on some of the latest medical billing softwares.
  • All our processes are of industry standards and are HIPAA compliant. We ensure that all results delivered are of high-quality services.
  • We have data security policies and confidentiality agreements in place which ensure that all the patient data is completely safe.
  • High Accuracy Claims Submission- Preferred Medical Services ensures the best quality results with a high accuracy rate of about 98%!